What we are looking for

We are focused on exploring opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Loyal, dedicated, and ambitious employee base

  • Revenue in the range of $3-15m with a large/growing percentage of recurring revenues

  • Demonstrated track-record of profitability with EBITDA margins of at least 15%
  • Non-cyclical and low likelihood of regulatory headwinds

  • Fragmented industry
  • A US-based company with an owner that is looking for a 100% sale and transition away from the business

We are anxious to explore opportunities across industries that fit the above characteristics.  We are not interested in restaurants, retail, start-ups, or turn-arounds. 


Our process is flexible, transparent, and confidential.  We can structure deal terms to meet the needs of the seller and we aim for a prompt close.  We think about engaging with sellers in the following way:

  • INTRODUCTION. Our goal during initial conversations is to build the foundation of a partnership.  We understand that selling a business can be sensitive.  We aim to give you confidence that we will proceed with utmost discretion.  During initial conversations we want to learn about your goals, understand your expectations, and explain our views on operating a business.  We want to get a feel for your team, appreciate your culture, and learn how you've been successful. Bottomline, we want to know if there is a fit.
  • PRELIMINARY EXPLORATION. If there is a mutual fit, we want to better understand your industry and how your company fits within the industry.  We want to learn how you've been successful. This includes exploring why your customers choose you, historical financial performance, the team, and opportunities for growth.  Assuming both parties want to move forward, we will submit to you an indication of interest (IOI) and a letter of intent (LOI).
  • DUE DILIGENCE. After executing an LOI, we will conduct formal due diligence on the following: legal, financial, systems, HR, customers, and suppliers. We do this with the utmost discretion and working in tandem with the seller.  The due diligence process is meant to protect the seller and buyer as well as to inform the iterative process of agreeing on valuation, deal terms, and a transition plan.
  • CLOSING. Execute legal documentation, transfer funds, and put the transition plan into action.